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Lexile Measures

“I’m going to ‘Lexile’ my library this year”

What does this mean? It is possible that it can mean we have resources in the library to help young people connect with reading on the levels they need to. Lexile is considered   an educational tool that uses a measure to match readers of all ages with books, articles and other materials. Although students get Lexile measures from tests taken usually in the beginning of the school year, Lexile is not about the test scores or restrictive reading level. Lexile measures are about growing literacy among young adults, and how that’s important to a successful life during and after school.

At Messenger we have many books for students to increase their reading abilities and they are easy to find in the library. As many of you have probably noticed, our Resource of this Month is “LEXILE”. How do I find the right books to improve my Lexile level? Click on the LEXILE icon on the library web site and follow the detailed instructions. It is helpful to know your Lexile measures, select your interests by which you are looking for particular books and find books in the library catalog you would like to read. It is possible to generate a list of books that have been labeled at the particular Lexile level.

If you need help, stop by the Youth Services Department or Circulation desk and we’ll be glad to help you to search the library catalog for Lexile measures.

Happy Reading!

Kindle Library Lending Goes Live

Amazon and library e-book vendor OverDrive announced this morning that their recently announced plan to allow library lending via the Kindle and Kindle app is now live. The service, which will be available at some 11,000 libraries across the U.S. at launch, enables libraries to expand their e-book lending to the nation’s most popular e-reading platform. Until today, Kindle had been noticeably absent from library lending, as OverDrive’s service worked only with ePub-enabled devices, such as the Sony Reader, the Nook, iPads, and smartphones.

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Messenger Public Library in N. Aurora is getting a new server

During its scheduled meeting on August 11, 2011, the Messenger Public Library Board approved the purchase of a new server. This decision was driven by increased instability on the Library Local Area Network (LAN) over a period of several months, caused in large part by aging server equipment.  The instability affected not only internal library workflow, but public computer accessibility as well.

 This new machine, a Hewlett-Packard DL380, will allow us to retire the oldest of our three current servers, which is entering its second decade of existence, and should go a long way towards facilitating our stated mission of informing, connecting, and enriching the community of North Aurora.

The actual day to install the server and coordinate the work with SIKICH, LLP is August 25, 2011.

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