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Non-resident Card Fee

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Library Board of Trustee Meeting
April 18, 2013
To: Library Board of Trustees Messenger Public Library

From: G. Kevin Davis, Library Administrator

RE.: Approval of Participation in the RAILS Library System Non-Resident Library Card Program FY 2014 (June 1, 2013 to May 32, 2014)

In Illinois, people living outside the service area of a public library are considered non-residents. Non-residents are eligible to purchase a library card from the public library under certain conditions. The sale of a library card to a non-resident is covered by the Illinois Statutes, 75 ILDS 5/4-7(12) and 75 ILDS 16/30-55.60 specifically. In early 2002, the Statute was changed to include reciprocal borrowing and to indicate where the non-resident was to purchase the card.
Public Library Non-Resident Card Participation
The Library Board of each Illinois public library is required by Illinois law* to take action annually regarding the library's participation in the state's non-resident fee program, and to inform the regional library system about the board's action within 30 days.
For the complete statute, visit: and see Chapter 75, Libraries.
*Illinois Administrative Code
a) The public library board of trustees shall annually take action to decide whether to issue non-resident library cards during the ensuing 12 months. At that time, the non-resident library card fee formula and fee, if applicable, to be used will be determined and adopted.
b) The public library board of trustees shall notify the regional library system within 30 days of the action taken and effective dates and fee formula as determined in this Part.
c) The participating public library shall continue to honor the non-resident library cards issued by the library for the full term of purchase.
d) Participating public libraries shall cooperate with other participating area public libraries and the regional library system and adjacent regional library systems to determine the appropriate
non-resident service areas as stated in Section 3050.25 of this Part.
e) Nothing in this Part requires a public library to participate in the non-resident library card reciprocal borrowing program of a regional library system. Non-participation in the non-resident library card program does not preclude a public library from applying for and receiving grant funds from the Illinois State Library as long as the public library complies with requirements of the specific grant program.
c) The regional library systems shall maintain an up-to-date list on their Internet sites of participating and non-participating public libraries and the effective dates of the 12 month period. This list shall also be available in print upon request and available for public inspection at the regional library system headquarters.
Messenger Public Library of North Aurora
Illinois State Library Systems Non-Resident Library Card Program
Card Fee Calculation Policy and Procedure
Fiscal Year June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014
Non-residents who reside outside the Messenger Public Library service area and not within the boundaries of any other public library service area may apply for a non-resident library card.
The annual fee for a card is calculated using the tax bill method per Illinois State Statutes and the Illinois Administrative Code.
A non-resident’s Property Tax Bill is used to calculate the Library Card Fee. The EAV (Equalized Assessed Value is 1/3 of the value of the property) is used to calculate the Non Resident Library Card Fee. The EAV of the property is located on the Kane County Real Estate Tax Bill. Patron needs to bring their copy of this tax bill.
Library Card Formula to Calculate Fee
For Non-Resident Property Owners
(Based on EAV of property):
[EAV] X [*Libraries Current Tax Rate] = Non-Resident Library Card Annual Fee
(*=June 1st 2013 to May 31, 2014 Property Tax Rate is 0.329670
The “Equalized Assessed Value (EAV)” of property is $ 32,261.00
The fee would be:
$32,261.00 x 0.329670 (or 0.00329670) = $ 106.00 (Round the Number Up)
This person would pay a fee of $ 106.00 to obtain a valid Messenger Public Library of North Aurora card valid for one year from the date it is issued.
Library Card Formula to Calculate Fee
for Non-Resident Renters
(Based on 15% of Annual Rent):
(Annual Rent] x 15%) X [*Libraries Current Tax Rate] =
Non-Resident Renter’s Annual Fee
For example;
Annual rent is $7800.00 (if patron is paying a monthly rent of $650.00
The fee would be ( $7,800.00 x .15 ) x 0.329670 (or 0.00329670) = $ 39.00
(Round the Number Up)
This person will pay $ 39.00 to obtain a Messenger Public Library of North Aurora card valid for one year from the date it is issued.

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